Chabad Jewish Center of the Florida Keys is committed to providing Jewish services and enriching programs and to every Jew in the Florida Keys. We are proud to maintain an open door policy to the entire community, without requiring annual membership dues.

Your support helps us continue our vital work. Please remember that we are not supported by any central office and every dollar of every donation stays local for our Jewish community.

To help support the myriad holiday services, educational programs, social events, The Synagogue, Hebrew School, Mikvah, and our many other programs, we have created the Chai Club and are inviting you to become our partner. By becoming our partner through the Chai Club, you are committing to a monthly donation in a multiple of 18, or “Chai”, which means “life” in Hebrew. As a member of this special Chai Club, your donation will allow us to continue serving the community’s spiritual needs and ensure our continued growth.

Please partner with us today!

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