You’re Invited Back Every Week!

  • Friday Night 
    At Candle Lighting Time (times can be found on our homepage) at the Chabad  
    Shabbat meals available by reservation. $54 Friday night. Shabbat lunch $36. Please call 305-295-0013
  • Shabbat Services Saturday Morning
    10:00 AM at the Chabad
    You and your family will enjoy meaningful, comprehensive, enjoyable Shabbat Service followed by delicious cholent, good conversation and great company—an opportunity to meet new people and make great friends! See you on Shabbat!
  •   Daily Shacharit
    Monday – Friday Morning minyan 8:30 am at the Shul
    Followed by shiur in Chitas and Gemara (talmud)
  • Daily Mincha-Maariv
    Call for times and location 305-295-0013